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RIC3 LLC is a New York licensed mortgage broker (NMLS #2166804).  As a mortgage broker, we develop relationships with banks and lenders in order to provide an array of products with competitive offerings.  We walk with our clients through the loan process, whether purchasing or refinancing a home, second home or investment property.  Our goal as a mortgage broker is to provide suitable loans for our clients' residential property (1 to 4 units) in New York.  

The "RI" in RIC3 stands for Real Investment and the "C3" stands for community, creativity and commerce.  When we see our clients and our communities as the real investment, and we have the perfect blend of community, creativity and commerce, we can see the 'E' in the 3, RIC3 transforms into RICE and there is prosperity and abundance for everyone.

As a mortgage broker, we provide mortgage solutions that unlock the door to both your home and your real estate goals, while at the same time working together for prosperity and abundance in our community.  

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